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Learning the car, finding the right tint shop, picking accessories all takes about a month for most. We'll help you do it in an hour.

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We're Knowledgable

We know the latest in the electric car world. Check out our YouTube link at the bottom!

We're Convenient

Let's video chat and have our 1-on-1 session about your car. (Or start with a free consult.)

We're Thorough

Helped 1,000+ people through the Tesla purchase process. We've done this before.

Free consult

We know that getting an electric vehicle can be tricky. We've been there. Let us help, we'll give you some free tips and tricks for how to buy your next electric car.


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Here's what people think of us:

David M.

"I recently acquired a Tesla Model X after having a Model S for
4 years.

I learned more in the "short" time Brandon from Electric Auto Squad spent with me than I did in the 4 years I had the Model S.

If you have an Electric Vehicle, I couldn't recommend a service higher than Electric Auto Squad, even if you are a "seasoned" EV car person!"

Brett L.

"Awesome people! Brandon is very helpful and knowledgeable about the EV's in the market. I chose him to help with my purchase and education of how everything worked. Highly recommend!"

Sami K.

"It was great talking to Brandon, He is a great guy and gave me some good advice. I would definitely recommend him if your in the market to buy an electric car. He is very knowledgeable about the product and helped me acquire a Model 3."

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